Registration for the 2021-22 Jr. Model UN Program will open in the coming weeks. Please reach out to Eric Bumbaca, Director of Student Programs, at for more information.

Welcome to the Student Diplomat - Jr. Model United Nations Program, a five-month journey (January to May) that introduces over 750 middle school students to international affairs and cultural diplomacy. With an emphasis on developing students’ research, writing, cultural competency, and communication skills, the program helps meet the growing demand for global affairs curricula in local middle schools.

The program offers students an exciting opportunity to examine global conflicts and trends while working together to create promising solutions to some of the world's greatest challenges. Additionally, it is designed with an emphasis on building cultural competency and diplomatic skills; expanding knowledge of world geography, cultures, and political structures; increasing understanding of how national and international institutions tackle key global issues. The committee topic for the 2020-2021 Jr. Model United Nations Program is "Ensuring Healthy Lives and Promoting Well-Being for All."

Program goals for students include: (1) gaining a deeper understanding of world geography, history, and cultures; (2) exploring the mission, structure, and function of the United Nations; (3) applying research and critical thinking skills to specific global issues; (4) learning to write, debate, and amend resolutions; (5) understanding the role of diplomacy and deliberation in international affairs; and (6) developing skills in conflict resolution, problem solving, and cross-cultural communication.  In addition to class or club work facilitated by teachers or parents throughout the school year, the Council meets with the middle school students on three separate occasions between January and May, producing three very distinct programs: The Cultural Diplomacy Conference (January), the Preparatory Conference (March), and the Final Conference (May).

Upcoming Programs

Middle School Summer Camp

The 2021 United Nations Summer Camp: Sustainable Development Goals in Action, is a weeklong virtual summer camp for middle school students interested in global affairs and world cultures. The United Nations Summer Camp will give students an opportunity to participate in daily games and activities exploring different world cultures and the United Nations. The program culminates in Jr. Model UN program, where students will have the opportunity to debate and discuss crucial global issues, and how the international community can work together to solve persistent global issues. 

Past Programs

Jr. Model UN Final Conference

Student delegates attend the Jr. Model United Nations Final Conference, where they present, debate, amend and vote on final resolutions aimed at improving the lives of people around the world. This culminating event puts into practice the knowledge and skills that students have accumulated over the course of this five-month journey through the Jr. Model UN program. 

Jr. Model UN Preparatory Conference

During these virtual conferenes, student delegates will meet with Council staff to participate in an intensive prep session that includes an introduction to the United Nations, writing and amending resolutions, and a substantive topic briefing by an expert. 

Cultural Diplomacy Conference

Produced in partnership with the Penn Museum, student delegates explore the importance of cross-cultural understanding and diplomacy through collaborative presentations conducted by the Council and the Museum. This year's virtual  program will include remote tours of the museum galleries and interactive workshops for students.

Preparatory Meeting for Cultural Diplomacy Conference (Teachers Only)

Faculty advisers will meet with Council staff to go over technical and logistical needs for the upcoming Cultural Diplomacy Conference and have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have regarding the program. Register here. 

Welcome Back Program

Teachers joined Council staff for this year's virtual Welcome Back Program to kick off the new school year. This session was dedicated to introducing the Council's signature Student Diplomat/Jr. Model United Nations Program for the upcoming academic year and how the program will be adapted to fit the current educational environment. 

Program Sponsors

We would like to recognize the Middle East Center at The University of PennsylvaniaThe South Asia Center at The University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and Saint Joseph's University for their sponsorship of the 2020-2021 Student Diplomat - Jr. Model UN Program.