Riverview High School students teach youngsters worldly lessons before graduating
July 9, 2020

Riverview High School students teach youngsters worldly lessons before graduating

World Affairs - Riverview High School

Photo credit: Riverview School District

Four Riverview High School graduates were able to leave their international mark on school district youngsters before leaving to take on the world.

Marina Pietz, Francesca Lio, Mikaela Colins and Emily Pietragallo each earned a Global Scholars Certificate through the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia this past school year.

They had an opportunity to teach foreign languages to first- through sixth-graders after school and create a curriculum.

“The students at Riverview were instrumental in creating our Elementary Global Language Program for their Capstone project,” said Ken Kubistek, high school social studies chairman and National Honor Society sponsor. “Our students exhibited professionalism throughout the entire process. They took control from the beginning, planning the curriculum and lessons while considering how to keep the students interested during the lessons.”

The Capstone project is the culminating activity for the certificate offered by the council and state Department of Education.

Lio taught students different colors, shapes, foods, numbers and phrases in French. She also taught them a bit of French culture.

“Our goal for this project was to expose children to new cultures and show them that there is so much to learn and explore in the world,” Lio said. “I believe that engaging children in other cultures at a young age is imperative, as they are the leaders of our future generations.”

The graduates got their start in global-based classes as sophomores. Their education included language and history classes and participation in Model United Nations.

Students needed to take at least six classes focused on world affairs and global studies, receive recommendations from their foreign language teachers, participate in several global affairs activities and accumulate more than 20 hours of global service to get the certificate.

“Being a part of this effort was an amazing experience,” Collins said. “It gave me the opportunity to learn more about Pittsburgh and the (difference) in the (cities) through volunteering. I also was able to teach a language that I was passionate about to younger kids. I got to see their progress with the French language and culture, which was a unique experience.”

Lio said the fall and spring of her senior year with the elementary students is something she’ll ever forget.

The students also presented their project to a WAC panel. It’s available to view via YouTube.

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