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The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization dedicated to informing and engaging people of all ages on matters of national and international significance. The Council provides its members and the greater Philadelphia community with access to influential figures in the global arena as well as opportunities to visit fascinating destinations through its unique travel program. With the support of individual and corporate members, the Council's global education program enhances the education of area students who are the citizens, workforce, and leaders of the future. Carrying its mission beyond Philadelphia, the Council produces the national public television series, The Whole Truth with David Eisenhower.

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Whether you're a student, a business professional, or an individual with a keen interest in the news and the world around you, you'll discover the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia to be one of the best ways to fulfill those interests.

Meet world leaders and experts.

The Council is one of the top public policy forums in the nation and offers a diverse series of more than 30 substantive speaker events on a variety of topics each year.

Support the Next Generation.

The Council's nationally acclaimed world affairs youth education and development program has become a staple part of the curriculum of major school districts in southern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and northern Delaware.

Travel the World.

When you travel with the Council, you won't just experience the vacation of a lifetime, you'll also meet political leaders and local experts who give behind-the-scenes views and briefings that make our trips unique.

Discover "The Whole Truth."

Half hour episodes of the Council's public television series, which tackles some of the weightiest public affairs issues of our time, focus on global and long-term issues.

Featured Trip

April 11-18

Northern Lights of Finland

Experience the northern lights, reindeer encounters, and Arctic treasures with an overnight stay in a glass and snow igloo. Substantive briefings throughout!

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April 01-12

South Korea & Japan

A trip that’s designed to give you all the highlights and off-the-beaten-path must-dos. Highlights include two U.S. Embassy briefings, an excursion to the Demilitarized Zone, Gyeongu, Seoguram Grotto, Busan, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and end in Tokyo.

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April 28-05

Vienna & Prague Uncovered

Begin in Vienna to dive into the history and arts of this regal city. Continue to Prague, to explore the Velvet Revolution and the city’s distinct Jewish heritage. Hear from local expert guides including two U.S. Embassy briefings.

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May 06-11

Inside Washington, D.C.

Our hallmark program! 5-night schedule of inside the beltway small-group briefings and cultural highlights.

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May 01-16

Ethiopia & Kenya Seminar

Travel to Ethiopia and Kenya to take an inside look at the ways that communities are striving to evolve their societies with an itinerary custom built to educate and inform.

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Education Programs

  1. 12 11

    2018 International Student Summit

    Rising Africa: A Path to a Sustainable, Egalitarian Future

  2. 09 27

    2018-19 Welcome Back Program

    The 2018-19 Welcome Back Program in partnership with the Penn Museum

2018-19 High School Membership

Registration for the 2018-19 academic year is now open! A High School Membership gives access to the Council's suite of educational programming, as well as access to the Council's speaker events.

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Identity Politics: Embracing Diversity or Creating a House Divided Against Itself?

One of the longest standing mottos for the United States is E Pluribus Unum – from many, one. It’s long been thought to mean much more than the formal and legalistic concept of a union of states – it’s been thought to mean a uniting into a civil society of peoples of many kinds. And indeed, it’s indisputable that the American people are of many...

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  • “When traveling abroad, we like to get the real ‘feel’ of the country through sight, sounds & smells. This trip accomplished all spades! History, architecture, political atmosphere, social situations and seeing the standard of living up close and personal. The music and spirit of the people can only truly be appreciated by being in the country. Many thanks for a wonderful experience!”

    Suzanne Simpson, CT

  • “This tour was wonderful! Our Cuban guide was one of the best! She knew a lot of history as well as current issues.”

    Dianna Jabis, NY

  • “The Game Drives were the highlight of this trip. Seeing the large animals in their natural habitats was just spectacular!”

    Barbara Weiss, CA