iThrive Sim Programming

iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance and Leading Through Crisis

The Council, in partnership with iThrive Games Foundation, will offer iThrive Sim scenarios for our high school audience: a series of innovative, game-based simulations that are structured to engage students in educational role-playing online.  Facilitated through a web browser-based, device agnostic platform, students are forced to contend with conflicting information from multiple sources including experts in infectious disease and commerce, and the voice of the people. The information changes quickly and forces students to advocate their positions, negotiate, and compromise to take care of both their constituents and the nation.

The Council is now offering two iThrive Sim programs available for member high schools. The first is Lives in Balance, a six-participant role-play where students serve as U.S. government officials who must decide when and how to reopen the economies of four Southwestern states during a global pandemic.

The second simulation program available is Leading Through Crisis. This simulation invites high school students into the room where it happens. As members of the Crisis Management Team, they will respond to domestic and international incidents during a crisis situation. Playing the role of cabinet members and White House staff, students will be asked to make high-stakes decisions, with the fate of the country in their hands during a critical time. 

*Platforms Required: iThrive web-based platform (accessible via internet browser) and Zoom or Google Meet (depending on your school's preference);
* Duration: 1.5 hours which includes an introductory session led by Council staff, 47-minutes of gameplay, and a short debrief facilitated by Council staff;
* Program Offering: Scheduled directly with Council Education Staff, with multiple simulation offerings available; iThrive simulations are limited to 6 students per game-play session, but can be facilitated with small groups;
* Preparation Level: Light - Students are not required to do any preparation in advance, but teachers are encouraged to utilize provided resources to extend learning

Interested in participating? Email Kristin Hutchinson, Vice President of Education, at for more information. 

About iThrive Games Foundation

MISSION: iThrive Games prepares teens to thrive by meeting them where they are, and by working in partnership towards a world where all have the voice, choice, and agency to reach their full potential. We use games and game design to equip teens with the social and emotional skills they need to be healthy and resilient, the tools that support and protect their mental health and well-being, and the systems thinking they need to recognize inequity along with meaningful opportunities to imagine and design a better world.

VISION: We envision a world where teens are seen and valued by society, where adults have the tools they need to support teens' development, where all live healthy and purposeful lives, and where there is equal opportunity open to all, especially to those who have traditionally been marginalized.