2021-2022 High School Membership

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Why Join?  The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to informing and engaging people of all ages on matters of national and international significance.  The Council’s education programs aim to:
Expand students' knowledge of and engagement with global affairs topics such as world geography, cultures, economics, languages and international relations;

  • Increase students' ability to understand and recognize emerging transnational issues from a range of perspectives;
  • Help students develop the critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills, as well as confidence needed to succeed in a competitive global economy; and
  • Enhance students' opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively across local and global borders.

Questions? Reach out to Kasey Trapp, Associate Director of Student Programs, at ktrapp@wacphila.org or 215-561-4700 ext. 207

Program Offerings

Signature Simulation Programs

The Council is planning two large-scale simulations programs for the 2021-2022 academic year. Both of these programs will have in-person and virtual offerings, with the ability to adapt all programming to the virtual setting if necessary. 

This Fall, the World Affairs Council will run a 2021 Model Senate on Science and Technology program with students taking leadership roles as Senators, Expert Witnesses and Journalists! This program will simulate the legislative, debate, and bargaining processes in the United States Senate, and will explore committee topics related to the oversight of Big Tech and Social Media and legislative opportunities related to Carbon Capture Sequestration technologies and federal policy. 

In the Spring of 2022, the Council's signature 2022 Global Economic Forum (GEF) will return with students creating policy solutions to new threats emerging in the United States and abroad related to the program topic Closing the Digital Divide. Simulating an international competition for funding, this program will explore the developing gap between people on either end of the digital divide. Students will learn about issues related to equitable access of technology, and how inequitable access can severely hinder specific populations.

Student Debate Series

Borrowing off both the success of the Council’s first ever virtual Summer Global Leadership Seminar for high school students and the Council’s Great Debates legacy podium speaker series, we will once again be offering Student Debate Series for member high schools. In response to a timely debate prompt, students will be divided and assigned to one of two groups (affirmative or opposed) and hone their research, writing, strategic thinking, and public speaking skills in the form of a debate with their peers. The Council will provide accompanying topic and group-specific resources for students to review prior to the debate.  A panel of judges will utilize a detailed rubric to choose a winning side and students will have the opportunity to earn individual awards based on their debate participation and performance. 

iThrive Sim Programming

The Council, in partnership with iThrive Games Foundation, will offer iThrive Sim Programming: a series of innovative, virtual simulations that are facilitated through a web-based, device agnostic platform.

The Council is now offering three iThrive Sim programs for member high schools:
(1) "Lives in Balance" -
 Students serve as U.S. government officials who must decide when and how to re-open the economies of four Southwestern United States during a global pandemic 
(2) "Leading Through Crisis" - Students play as members of the Crisis Management Team, a group of cabinet-level executives tasked with responding to domestic and international incidents during a time of presidential transition.
(3) "Follow the Facts" - A media literacy simulation forcing students to parse competing information while informing the public of an ongoing crisis. 

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