Global Economic Forum

Prioritizing Global Risks: A Competition Global Funding

Spring, 2024

The 2023 Global Economic Forum has  now concluded.  Thank you to all of our incredible  student delegates for their participation in this year's program.  For More information about the Global Economic Forum, please reach out to Geoffrey Quinn, Director of Education for High School Programs at or at 215-561-4700, ext 207. 

The Global Economic Forum (GEF) is a high school simulation program focused on the creation, presentation, and marketing of policy solutions to pressing issues facing the global community. In school-based groups, students compete with their peers for fictitious funding from the World Bank. Students create policy proposals prior to attending the program and present these solutions to a panel of judges who ultimately award the fictitious funding to the best policy solution paired with the strongest presentation from student delegates. 

For the 2023 GEF program, the Council selected three topics of critical global importance for students to investigate: (1) The Intellectual Property and Distribution of Medicines, (2) Unemployment and Workforce Development, and (3) Food Insecurity.  For this program, students will create original policy proposals aimed at solutions to these growing global concerns, focused on their specific assigned committee topics.  Topics for the 2024 GEF program will be coming soon.

Program resources, including topic briefing papers, can be found on our website here.

For questions, please reach out to Geoffrey Quinn, Director of Education High School Programs at or at 215-561-4700, ext 207. 

About this Program:
*Format & Program Offerings: Both program dates will be in-person at Drexel University;
*Duration: Full-day conference program (9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.);
*Preparation level: High -Students must commit to doing several hours of research on their assigned role and committee topic ahead of the full-day simulation event. 

Thank you to our partner venue for this program, Drexel University!