2021 Global Economic Forum

Combating the Climate Emergency 

Tuesday, March 2 - Thursday, March 4, 2021

Registration Now Open! 

More information regarding this program will continue to be updated in the coming weeks. For questions, email Kasey Trapp, Associate Director of Student Programs, at ktrapp@wacphila.org

The ongoing climate emergency continues to be one of the world’s largest and most intractable global issues. Carbon and greenhouse gas emissions remain near historic highs, deforestation of critical rainforests continues, and the average global temperature continues to inch up year after year. These metrics directly coincide with instances of greater and more severe weather events, desertification, unstable water and food systems, and loss of critical biodiversity.

International attempts to mitigate the ongoing crisis have provided mixed results. The Paris Climate Accords were meant to usher in a new generation of climate conscious policies, with individual nations taking personal responsibility for their emissions. However, the progress of such measures has stuttered over recent years with the United States departure from the Accords and pressing global issues, such as the coronavirus and the resulting economic slowdown, taking attention from climate change. These recent issues, combined with the intractable difficulty of balancing the needs and concerns of over 200 countries, make climate change as vexing of an issue as ever before. 

The 2021 Global Economic Forum (GEF) will explore the intricacies of the climate emergency, including a solutions-oriented approach to combating the global issue. The program will simulate an international competition for funding, with students presenting innovative solutions to core climate issues. Specifically, students will work to understand the fundamental causes of climate change, develop actionable policy proposals, and advocate for their preferred plan. A panel of judges will hear arguments from each team, and ultimately determine a winning proposal. 

*Platforms Required: TBD; 
*Duration: Full-day conference program (9 am – 1 pm);
*Program Offering: Offered once; 
*Preparation level: High -Students must commit to doing several hours of research on their assigned country and committee role ahead of the full-day, virtual simulation event

Registration for the 2021 Global Economic Forum Now Open!

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