Classroom to Classroom

A virtual exchange toolkit for World Affairs' member high schools to connect with classrooms in our Sister Cities and partner schools around the globe.

At this time, Classroom to Classroom is currently available only to World Affairs' member high schools by invitation only.


Classroom to Classroom is a cross-cultural virtual exchange toolkit where the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia provides guides, activities, lesson plans, and more so that teachers can facilitate the program in their classrooms over the course of the academic year. World Affairs staff will connect with participating C2C classrooms and teachers over the course of the school year through email and optional, monthly virtual check-ins. During these meetings, teachers share about their virtual exchange, ask for feedback, and celebrate wins. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual exchanges are technology-enabled people-to-people connections. They can range from asynchronous, collaborative projects to video conferencing and virtual realtity programs. Regardless of the chosen format, virtual exchange bring international communities and countries into your classroom. 

World Affairs can provide either a school directory with potential international partner classrooms, or we can connect you directly to an international partner classroom. For World Affairs member schools that already have a partner school in mind, we invite you to reach out and determine your partner's interest in a Classroom to Classroom virtual exchange. 


For schools that have future in-person exchanges or travel planned, we offer an "expansion pack" of materials centered around in-person travel. 


World Affairs can provide you with a one-page overview of Classroom to Classroom to send to your partner to gather interest. If you have a future in-person student exchange or educational travel planned for your classroom, and you would like to use Classroom to Classroom as a precursor or add-on, we offer an "expansion pack" of materials which incorporates the in-person student exchange into the Classroom to Classroom experience. 

Classroom to Classroom runs over the course of one academic year. Registration begins in the fall and runs to the end of the school year. We do encourage you to continue to utilize the materials beyond the end of your programand nurture the relationship with your international partner classroom.

Teachers can pick and choose which resources to use for their virtual exchange. It is entirely up to the teacher to run the exchange in any way they like! Whether your Classroom to Classroom experience involves a program-long project, live virtual meetings with your international partner classroom, or even email correspondence between students is up to you and your class. 

Classroom to Classroom is available by invitation only for member high schools of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia for the 2023-2024 academic year. We ask that schools contact Rachel Warner at to express interest for the 2024-2025 school year. 

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