If you haven’t traveled with the World Affairs Councils of America, you’ve missed some truly memorial experiences. Now that COVID seems to be receding — at least for those of us who are vaccinated — we’re are able to head out to distant lands once again.

Dr. Joyce M. Davis

  • “The whole small ship cruise itinerary was the highlight. Its every stop in Portugal, Spain, France, and London was of interest. The new prosperity and historical elegance of Portugal was an eye opener. The Normandy stops with David Eisenhower and the laying of the wreath was a poignant reminder of war. The sail up the Thames River to anchor in the heart of London was the "piece de resistance"!”

    Harriet Isom

    European Coastal Civilizations Cruise, June 8, 2022
  • What's important to me about traveling with the World Affairs Council is the interest taken in educating guests, the variety of places traveled, and the pleasant guides. Our assigned guide, Martene was beyond fabulous. Clone her! She went way way beyond the call of duty to be informative, to help, to care for our safety.

    Leslie Kayre

    Fairytale France, June 5, 2022

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