August 28-07

Treasures of Peru

Peru draws those eager to learn about the distant past and encounter a fascinating present. Marvel at this intriguing land’s many treasures as your small group experiences its highlights: Lima, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca. Discover the Amazon rainforest’s wonders on an optional 4-day/4-night post-tour extension.

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Why Travel the World

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia organizes all the Travel the World trips for the national association of Councils and has been doing so for 45 years!  If you enjoy traveling on unique tours to fascinating destinations and having access to political experts and local guides who give behind-the-scenes views and briefings, then you'll quickly discover why traveling with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia is so special.

Because of our reputation as one of the nation's leading forums, the Council has established connections around the globe that allow us to offer members access that they can't get when traveling alone or on other tours.  Tour leaders are drawn from across the World Affairs Councils of America leadership; experts from the fields of diplomacy, journalism, or academia accompany some tours as lecturers, thereby providing added value to the experience.   We offer tours on all continents, both land tours and small-ship cruises.  Our new program line-up includes our substance-rich Seminar Series, shorter itineraries focusing on foreign policy issues in key destinations.  For a trip of a lifetime, check out our private jet trips! 

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Jan 04, 2023 — Jan 17, 2023

Expedition to Antarctica

Join us for this spectacular journey to Antarctica, Earth’s last frontier. Cruise aboard the intimate LE BORÉAL or L’AUSTRAL, two of the finest vessels in Antarctic waters. Accompanied by the ship’s expert team of naturalists, board sturdy Zodiac watercraft for excursions ashore and observe Antarctica’s abundant wildlife. Spend two nights in vibrant Buenos Aires. Extend your journey with the three-night Iguazú Falls Post-Program Option.

From $10,454 per person plus airfare

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Jan 15, 2023 — Jan 30, 2023

Patagonian Frontiers: Argentina and Chile by Land & Sea

Few Tickets Left

With Megan Torrey

Relish the rare privilege of encounters with two of the world’s last great frontiers – Southern Patagonia’s majestic fjords and glaciers and breathtaking Torres del Paine. Along with visits to Buenos Aires and Santiago, this 16-day journey showcases South America’s remarkable diversity. Discover magnificent Iguazu Falls with a 2-day/2-night pre-tour option.

$9,482 per person including airfare from Miami (other gateways available). Two rooms remain!

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Feb 10, 2023 — Feb 24, 2023

Egypt & the Eternal Nile

Few Tickets Left

Accompanied by an expert Egyptian guide, this exceptional 15-day small group journey reveals antiquity’s treasures in Cairo, followed by a Lake Nasser cruise and a classic Nile voyage from Aswan to Luxor, before returning to Cairo. Discover fabled Petra, ancient Jerash, and Amman with an optional 5-day/4-night post-tour Jordan extension.

$6,497 per person including airfare from New York (other gateways available)

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Feb 11, 2023 — Feb 25, 2023

World Less Traveled by Private Jet

Explore emerging destinations across Africa, South America, and the Arabian Peninsula on a new journey of discovery. Marvel at less-visited UNESCO Heritage sites in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, experience the infectious rhythms of Carnival in Salvador, and uncover the rich artistic and cultural heritage of coastal capitals like Dakar and Lomé, all while traveling aboard a customized private jet.

$105,000 per person

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Feb 12, 2023 — Feb 19, 2023

Costa Rica & the Panama Canal

Go by expedition ship for a unique 2-day Canal transit and rare opportunities to explore deep in the jungle. Journey through the intricate locks of the Panama Canal for an up-close view, plus enjoy special access to Corcovado National Park, and visit with inspiring families living in remote communities on the Osa Peninsula.

From $6,820 per person plus airfare

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Feb 17, 2023 — Mar 11, 2023

Ancient Crossroads of Asia & the Middle East by Private Jet

Wait List Only

Explore ancient civilizations and enduring cultures on a journey to some of the world’s most historic and treasured locales aboard our private jet. Travel to Egypt, Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Oman.

$140,000 per person

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Feb 21, 2023 — Feb 28, 2023

Mayan Splendor in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula

Wait List Only

With Lauren Swartz

Discover the vibrant culture and impressive history of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula on this first-class, small-group adventure! Spend seven nights in colorful Mérida, a colonial-era beauty, and explore the magnificent Mayan cities of Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, the golden city of Izamal and the Celestún Estuary, home to flocks of bright pink flamingos! Savor delectable cuisine, traditional music and dancing, and a fun excursion of your choice in Mérida. Includes expert guides and lecturers. No single supplement!

From $3,490 per person plus airfare – a savings of $250 per person if you book by January 7, 2023!

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Mar 02, 2023 — Dec 18, 2023

Explore Thailand

There's no two ways about it: we fit a whole lot of Thailand into this 10-day adventure. From Bangkok to Kanchanaburi to Chiang Mai and some unbelievable places in between. Start things off in Bangkok by hopping on a tuk-tuk for a city tour, stopping for a street food crawl in Chinatown. Head to Ayutthaya to explore ancient ruins by bike and visit Kanchanaburi with its infamous WWII sites. Then get a true taste of authentic life in Chiang Mai as you visit traditional villages and engage with locals. With the services of a Travel Director and your accommodation and transport taken care of, you’ll be ready to experience the splendors of this fascinating country!

$2,495 per person plus airfare

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Mar 05, 2023 — Mar 10, 2023

Great Trains & Grand Canyons

Experience the scenery of Grand Canyon National Park & the red rocks of Sedona, the Native American history at the Montezuma Castle National Monument, the Old West nostalgia of Two Train Rides & 5 Nights at a picturesque property in Sedona, Arizona, known for its jeep rides, artist galleries and breathtaking red rock scenery.

$3,565 per person including airfare from Philadelphia- A savings of $100 per person if booked before 12/20/2022!

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Mar 11, 2023 — Mar 23, 2023

Saudi Arabia: From Ancient Trade Routes to Contemporary Society

Join us for a special journey to Saudi Arabia, a country of barren sands masking great oil reserves, millennia-enduring archaeological sites sharing city blocks with modern engineering marvels, and conservative Islamic ideals juxtaposed by images of luxury symbols from the West. Through conversations and visits, our program sets out to explore this country and the significant changes taking place within its borders.

$9,850 per person plus airfare

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Mar 29, 2023 — Apr 10, 2023

Insider’s Japan

Wait List Only

With Liz Brailsford

This truly fascinating, well-crafted 13-day small group tour features urban and pastoral highlights, including Tokyo, cultural capital Kyoto, and magnificent Mt. Fuji. Engage in local life and head off the beaten path to the lovely historic cities of Takayama and Kanazawa. Discover Hiroshima reborn with an optional 3-day/2-night post-tour extension.

$7,284 per person including airfare from LA (other gateways available).

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Apr 01, 2023 — Apr 16, 2023

West Africa Odyssey

With Ambassador Robert E. Gribbin

From Luanda to Accra, this voyage to the mid-Atlantic region of Africa is an extraordinary opportunity to explore a part of the world largely untouched by tourism. Although it is a region less visited than areas to its north and south, it is no less fascinating. Throughout the voyage, Ambassador Robert E. Gribbin will draw on his extensive experience.

From $12,490 per person plus air

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Apr 02, 2023 — Apr 13, 2023

Cruising the Elbe River

With Dr. Carla Thorson

The Elbe River has long been an important delineator of east and west in Europe. Linking two of the most fascinating capital cities—Prague and Berlin—it traverses a land filled with captivating treasures, including cosmopolitan cities and picturesque towns, terraced vineyards and lush orchards, fortress-crowned crags, and the spectacular gorges of “Saxon Switzerland.”

From $7,990 per person plus airfare

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Apr 12, 2023 — Apr 25, 2023

Total Solar Eclipse in Western Australia

Witness the April 20, 2023 Total Solar Eclipse from the best possible vantage point, directly on the centerline, as the brilliance of the Coral Coast is plunged into darkness. Cruise for 10 nights down the coast of Western Australia, home to some of the darkest skies in the world. An expert 10-member expedition team will provide valuable insights.

From $14,990 per person plus airfare

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Apr 13, 2023 — Apr 21, 2023

Dutch Waterways

Wait List Only

Glide along picturesque waterways in the Netherlands and Belgium on a seven-night, first-class river cruise and delight in the Old World ambience of Amsterdam, Bruges, and Antwerp. Revel in a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime exhibition of Vermeer paintings, the breathtaking tulips of Keukenhof Gardens, and a choice of included cultural and culinary experiences! No single supplement!

From $4,090 per person plus airfare and port tax

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Apr 13, 2023 — Apr 25, 2023

Ancient Cities of North Africa: A Voyage from Sicily to Lisbon

With Ambassador Richard Erdman

The route of this voyage from Palermo to Lisbon takes you through territory rich in the history of several civilizations. Discover the vibrant cultures of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and southern Spain. Ambassador Richard Erdman will share with us his deep understanding of both the history and current affairs of this part of the world.

From $10,590 per person plus airfare

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Apr 13, 2023 — Dec 13, 2023

Explore the Galapagos

Join a 11-day adventure that immerses you in a nature-lover’s paradise! Get up close with incredible bird and animal species: blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, sea lions, marine iguanas and more! Go birdwatching in the highlands of Floreana, snorkel with sea lions and reef sharks, hike up the Sierra Negra volcano and come face-to-face with 100-year-old Galápagos tortoises. Departures in April, June, August, September, and December.

$3,395 per person plus airfare

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Apr 23, 2023 — Oct 04, 2023

Explore Peru

Adventure awaits on this action-packed, 11-day Peruvian journey! Uncover Lima, then discover Inca ruins and timeless traditions in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Choose between a four-day Inca Trail trek, a stay in Cusco with a train ride to Machu Picchu, or a blend of Cusco’s highlights and hiking. Whichever you choose, a guided tour through Machu Picchu caps off the journey! This adventure balances excursions with free time, with optional activities abound. Six different departure dates in April, May, June, July, and September.

$2,895 per person plus airfare

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Apr 25, 2023 — May 11, 2023

Along Central Asia’s Silk Road

With Dr. Joyce Davis

Traveling the ancient Silk Road connecting East and West, encounter a mélange of culture and religion, art and architecture that conjures tales of trade and treasure, intrigue and empire. On this exciting 17-day small group journey, relish the exotic – embracing the humanity shared with the welcoming people of Central Asia.

$7,194 per person including air from Boston, NYC or Washington, D.C. (other gateways are available)

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Apr 29, 2023 — Dec 17, 2023

Explore Costa Rica

Trekking, zip-lining, cloud forests and more! Costa Rica is indeed an “Adventure Capital,” and thrill-seekers will find endless stimulation on this 9-day active tour. Get up close to natural wonders and wildlife in tropical parks and zip-line high above Monteverde’s cloud forest canopy. Visit a sustainable coffee farm and enjoy exhilarating activities up for offer in La Fortuna, nestled at the bottom of Arenal Volcano. Cap off the adventure in Manuel Antonio to scout monkeys, armadillos, sloths and iguanas! Departures in April, July, August, October, November, and December.

$2,495 per person plus airfare

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