Masters of the Air
Apr 30, 2025
May 8, 2025

Masters of the Air


The rural farmland of England’s East Anglia region became the Allied headquarters for the “Bomber War.” Villages with prewar populations in the hundreds, suddenly buzzed with the energy of thousands of pilots, crew, and support staff carrying out the missions to bring about the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. This was a new type of warfare, a war waged from the skies against an unseen enemy.

The National WWII Museum’s exclusive week-long Masters of the Air tour visits the villages and airfields from which American flyboys launched their massive bombing campaign against Nazi Germany. The bases, control towers, and museums that tell the story of the US Eighth Air Force are part of the tour, but also the opportunity to view restored aircraft like the ones the Bomber Boys flew, to immerse yourself in the very pubs and country inns they frequented, and to meet, in London and elsewhere, survivors of the German Blitzkrieg.


$6,495 per person plus airfare.


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Once you reserve your tour, consider offsetting the carbon emissions from your international flights. Use this Sustainable Travel International calculator to get started.


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