Corporate Membership with the Council

Provides educational support to our Global Leadership Programs for 2,500 students across 85 schools, giving students global fluency, an understanding of the countries and cultures that do business with us, and teachings on how foriegn affairs affect Philadelphia.

Serves as a platform on which to increase and leverage their organizations’ visibility, outreach, and influence, as well as a vehicle for professional development and client cultivation.

Grants unparalled access in Philadelphia to some of the most influential figures shaping policies today. Invite your clients and colleagues to meet and question national and international decision-makers in intimate settings such as private briefings and roundtable dinners.

Supplies a network to develop business and social contacts within an influential, internationally-minded group that includes the region’s leading civic and business leaders.

Is an investment in your company’s image as a responsible citizen, as well as in the nation’s future workforce.

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