Jr. Model UN General Program Materials

Handbooks & Published Materials

This handbook provides teachers with the necessary resources and tools to ensure a positive and successful experience for all students. This handbook includes an overview of the program's main goals and objectives, a comprehensive explanation of the program's five main stages, and a number of key resources that will help guide students through the program. Click here for our most recent version of the Teacher Handbook.  Note that while this version was published for our in person program, there is still a lot of helpful information, especially for new faculty advisers.

This handbook provides students with comprehensive overview of the history and structure of the United Nations (UN), including essential facts and curriculum materials covering the UN's six main organs: the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Secretariat, the Economic and Social Council, the International Court of Justice, and the Trusteeship Council - as well as important global issues on the UN agenda. Click here to read more...

Cultural Diplomacy Conference Resources

This presentation introduces students to "a world of cultures" with an emphasis on understanding how cultures differ in terms of lifestyles, values, and belief systems.  During the presentation, students begin exploring key issues related to culture, including how their personal cultures affect both their beliefs and actions and influence their understanding of other people's cultures and actions. Click here to access!

During this keynote presentation, students begin exploring key issues related to culture and diplomacy, including how to define cultural diplomacy, what a diplomat is, what diplomacy is, and how they will be stepping into the shoes of student diplomats in the Jr. Model UN Program. Click here to access!

Click to access our Continued Learning image resource from the 2020-2022 program to gain access to a series of asynchronous learning opportunities for students.

This helpful worksheet should be completed by students following participation in the Cultural Diplomacy Conference.  It will help students to continue thinking about how their cultural background influences them and their perceptions of others.  Click here to download the worksheet...

Prep Conference Resources

This presentation is part of the resolution writing workshop where students learn how to write and amend an effective resolution and gain hands-on experience with the public speaking and negotiation skills needed to be a successful diplomat. Click here to download the 2021 PowerPoint Slides.

These five handouts are part of the hands-on resolution writing workshop at the Prep Conference. Click here to download the 2021 handouts.

Click to access our Prep Conference Digital Classroom image resource from the 2020-2021 program to gain access to a series of asynchronous learning opportunities for program participants before they attend the final conference. 

Position Paper Resources

This worksheet will help students learn as much as possible about their countries, ranging from official languages, populations and literacy rates to infant mortality rates, forms of government and major exports/imports.  Click here to download the worksheet. Please contact Council staff if you would like a WORD version.

An example position paper submitted by a group of students at an assigned school.  Click here to download a sample Position Paper from 2017-2018.

A helpful document that you can download and type into when writing your position paper.  Note that students can work on Position Papers individually or in their assigned groups (country, topic, and committee).  An editable WORD/Google Docs version is in your School Folder on Google Drive.  

Resolution Resources

This helpful template includes the mandatory header that students must fill out prior to uploading resolutions to your school's Google Drive Folder. Click here to download the resolution template...

This document provides some information on how to write your resolution. Use this information, along with the Resolution Writing Workshop Presentation to craft an impactful Resolution for the Final Conference.

Click here to access the 'How to Write a Resolution' document.