World Affairs Council of Philadelphia Staff

President & CEO

Lauren Swartz

President & CEO

ext. 232

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Development & Membership

Margaret Hasani

Vice President of Development & Membership

ext. 222

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Stefanie Yeung

Membership Manager

ext. 221

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Speaker Programs

Hayley Boyle

Senior Vice President of Programs

ext. 227 | She/Her

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Corey B. Stubanas

Programs Coordinator

ext. 231

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Kristin Hutchinson

Vice President of Education

ext. 228 | She/Her

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Geoffrey Quinn

Director of Education, High School

ext. 207

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Kate Whitman Kamara

Director of Education, Middle School

ext. 216 | She/Her

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Andrew Haught

Director of Travel

ext. 209 | He/Him

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Otto Smith

Digital Content Manager

ext. 235 | They/Them

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Mitchell Abrams

Director of Finance

ext. 210

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Samuel Chueh

Senior Advisor

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Citizen Diplomacy International Staff

Andrea Silva

CDI Interim President & CEO

ext. 236 | Mobile/Whats App: +1 267-240-5688 | She/Her

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Anna Schneider

Director of IVLP & Professional Exchanges

ext. 237 | Mobile/Whats App: +1 267-546-7335 | She/Her

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Kyle Henry

Program Manager

ext. 225 | Mobile/Whats App: +1 267-591-8226

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Misha Datskovsky

IVLP Program Assistant and Academy Dialogue Fellow

ext. 238

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Thea Howard

IVLP Intern

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