Phillies fans traveling to London for series vs. Mets
June 6, 2024

Phillies fans traveling to London for series vs. Mets

Photo credit: The Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Photographer / Yong Kim

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — More and more Phillies fans are making their way to London as the Phils take on the Mets this weekend at London Stadium.

Fans are coming through Philadelphia International Airport, decked out in their Phillies finest.

It’s all in anticipation of the big matchup for the MLB London Series.

“Now the day’s here, 6:30 tonight we’re on a flight headed to London,” said PHL Airport spokesperson Heather Redfern. “Cannot wait.”

It’s a day Redfern has been waiting a year for.

She’s been cheering on the Phils as a season ticket holder for 45 years and is ready to bring the energy from across the pond.

“The fact that the team is just playing so well, just makes it even that more exciting to be there,” Redfern said.

More than 200 die-hard fans are traveling to London with the company Philly Sports Trips. CEO Vince Rizzuto said they’ve been planning the international adventure for a year now.

“We’ve worked on the flights and the hotels, and the game tickets, transportation, all the partnerships we have over in London,” Rizzuto said.

One of the flights heading out on Thursday night will be full of die-hard fans, including the one and only Jamie Pagliei who’s known as the Philly Sports Guy.

“I think that the Mets will do what the Mets do and that’s mess it up,” Pagliei said. “So, I think that the Phillies will be able to take two from them pretty easily.”

Once they land, they have a jam-packed itinerary, including visiting one of the Philly-themed bars.

“We’re excited to see the real London, go to Passyunk Ave, one of their amazing bars and restaurants that they have over there,” Rizzuto said. “So, that’s really our goal and to really of course go on a sightseeing tour.”

Aside from all the fun, tourism experts say the two-game series is a chance for Philadelphia to share what they have to offer to an international audience.

“It’s a way for us to start to build relationships and cultural exchange and that’s always the first step to doing business and making lasting relationships,” Lauren Swartz, with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, said.

“People don’t know it, but the United Kingdom is actually the largest feeder market for international travelers coming to Philadelphia,” Gregg Caren, with the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, said. “So, Brits love Philadelphia.”

And that love can already be felt.

U.K.-based fans have been filling up Philly-themed bars as they wait for even more fans to arrive.

“It’s just going to be like South Philly, Citizens Bank Park in London,” Redfern said. 

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