August 28-07

Treasures of Peru

Peru draws those eager to learn about the distant past and encounter a fascinating present. Marvel at this intriguing land’s many treasures as your small group experiences its highlights: Lima, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca. Discover the Amazon rainforest’s wonders on an optional 4-day/4-night post-tour extension.

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Why Travel the World

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia organizes all the Travel the World trips for the national association of Councils and has been doing so for 45 years!  If you enjoy traveling on unique tours to fascinating destinations and having access to political experts and local guides who give behind-the-scenes views and briefings, then you'll quickly discover why traveling with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia is so special.

Because of our reputation as one of the nation's leading forums, the Council has established connections around the globe that allow us to offer members access that they can't get when traveling alone or on other tours.  Tour leaders are drawn from across the World Affairs Councils of America leadership; experts from the fields of diplomacy, journalism, or academia accompany some tours as lecturers, thereby providing added value to the experience.   We offer tours on all continents, both land tours and small-ship cruises.  Our new program line-up includes our substance-rich Seminar Series, shorter itineraries focusing on foreign policy issues in key destinations.  For a trip of a lifetime, check out our private jet trips! 

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May 14, 2023 — May 19, 2023

Inside Washington

Few Tickets Left

Our hallmark program! 5-night schedule of inside the beltway small-group briefings and cultural highlights. Keynote speakers include ANGELA STENT, DEREK SCISSORS, and MICHAEL MANDELBAUM. Stay at the historic Mayflower Hotel, dinner at the exclusive Cosmos Club, and much more!

$3,349 per person based on sharing room. 1 room remains!

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May 17, 2023 — May 25, 2023

The Charm of the Amalfi Coast

With Trina Medarev

Italy’s Amalfi Coast will dazzle you with its unending splendors. Enjoy seven nights in Sorrento and explore seaside villages, including Ravello, Amalfi, and Positano! Unravel history in Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum, visit a rural farm and experience vibrant Naples! Plus, tuck into delicious local dishes and engage with the region’s welcoming locals. Your Italian daydreams come to life on this handcrafted, small-group journey! This program features first-class accommodations and an extensive meal plan.

From $4,490 per person plus airfare - a savings of $250 if you book by 4/2/23!

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May 17, 2023 — May 30, 2023

Springtime Voyage to Classic Japan

With Admiral James Stavridis

Japan is a land of contrasts. Modern, glittering, dynamic cities coexist with centuries-old Buddhist temples, sublime Shinto shrines, feudal castles, and samurai estates. Throughout this voyage to the Inland Sea and Japan's southern islands, experience these contradictory aspects of Japan. Accompanying us as guest lecturer will be Admiral James Stavridis

From $11,990 per person plus airfare

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Jun 21, 2023 — Jul 07, 2023

Expedition to Iceland, East Greenland, and Svalbard

Spend two days in Iceland and then cruise the Denmark Strait to spend five days sailing among the ice floes and Inuit communities of eastern Greenland, from Ittoqqortoormitt in the south to Kejser Franz Josef Fjord in the north. This entire region of massive fjords forms the largest National Park in the world.

From $11,590 per person plus airfare

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Jul 03, 2023 — Jul 14, 2023

Cruise the Rhine & Moselle Rivers: A Family Journey

Bask in breathtaking Swiss landscapes with your loved ones on a three-night, deluxe stay in Interlaken, then enjoy a seven-night, first-class cruise through France, Germany and the Netherlands! Delight in charming medieval towns, hilltop castles and a choice of included, family-friendly excursions in Interlaken, Strasbourg, Speyer, Heidelberg, Rüdesheim, Cologne, and Amsterdam, plus onboard fun for the kids and teens. Open to ages 7+. No single supplement!

From $5,490 per person plus airfare - a savings of $250 if booked by 12/31/22!

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Jul 25, 2023 — Aug 04, 2023

Exploring Iceland

With Derrick Olsen

Travel the breadth of an astonishing land on this 11-day small group tour. From the stunning Snaefellsnes Peninsula to wondrous Lake Mývatn and jaw-dropping Dettifoss waterfall, Iceland’s many wonders are revealed before a two-night stay in sophisticated Reykjavik. Spend more time discovering Iceland’s colorful capital with a 3-day/2-night post-tour extension.

$6,542 per person including air from Boston, New York or Washington, D.C.

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Aug 06, 2023 — Aug 17, 2023

Western European Passage

The Atlantic ports of Western Europe have long served to connect the continent with the wider world, acting as bases for local and global trade, discovery, and conquest. On this voyage, we discover some of the finest artistic and cultural fruits of that wealth as we sail the length of the coast from the North Sea to Iberia.

From $9,590 per person plus airfare

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Aug 15, 2023 — Aug 27, 2023

Ancient Cities of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula

with Jim Falk

The route of this voyage from Palermo to Lisbon takes you through territory rich in the history of several ancient civilizations. Discover the vibrant cultures of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and southern Spain. Travel with Jim Falk and learn from his personal experience growing up in Tunisia.

From $10,590 per person plus airfare

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Aug 18, 2023 — Aug 25, 2023

Discover Southeast Alaska

Join us for a summertime expedition through some of nature’s more secluded landscapes as we discover the remote inner reaches of Alaska’s Inside Passage aboard the 76-guest Chicago Dream. Enjoy the agility and flexibility of small-ship travel, up-close encounters with wildlife, stunning scenery, cultural experiences, and the guidance of two expert naturalists.

From $4,695 per person plus airfare

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Aug 28, 2023 — Sep 07, 2023

Treasures of Peru

Peru draws those eager to learn about the distant past and encounter a fascinating present. Marvel at this intriguing land’s many treasures as your small group experiences its highlights: Lima, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca. Discover the Amazon rainforest’s wonders on an optional 4-day/4-night post-tour extension.

$4,987 per person including airfare from Miami (other gateways offered)

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Sep 12, 2023 — Sep 20, 2023

Italy's Magnificent Lake District

Experience northern Italy’s unforgettable lake district, where sparkling lakes mirror emerald hills and craggy Alpine slopes. Indulge in seven nights in Stresa by Lake Maggiore and spend sunny days exploring beautiful islands and elegant shores dusted with sunlight. Learn the secrets of northern Italian cuisine during a cooking lesson, and witness Leonardo’s extraordinary “The Last Supper” in Milan. Handcrafted for your enjoyment, this small-group journey features a first-class hotel, an extensive meal plan, and a series of lectures to enhance your understanding of the region.

From $4,790 per person plus airfare - a savings of $250 if booked by 5/1/23

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Sep 18, 2023 — Oct 05, 2023

Silk Road Cities by Private Air

Trace the path of explorers and emperors on this customized private air program. Begin in Marco Polo’s home, Venice, where many caravan routes originated. Visit a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage sites that were important stops along Silk Road routes in Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Conclude in Istanbul, terminus for many ancient Silk Road caravans.

From $49,950 per person plus airfare

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Sep 22, 2023 — Oct 03, 2023

Emperors, Conquerors & Saints: Exploring Turkey’s Ancient Coast & the Eastern Aegean Greek Islands

with Karen Armstrong

The western region of modern-day Turkey is home to a group of cities founded about 3,000 years ago by colonists from Greece and subsequently ruled by a succession of empires from both east and west. Make your way along the eastern shores of the Aegean to discover these cities and learn their histories.

From $9,590 per person plus airfare

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Sep 26, 2023 — Oct 07, 2023

Romance of the Douro River: featuring Lisbon, Porto and the Alto Douro River Region

With Matthew Hughes

The romantic splendor of the Douro River is yours to enjoy on this 10-night journey. Savor the iconic waterway and its winemaking history on a 7-night cruise and venture beyond to see Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon, the Alto Douro Wine Region, elegant Salamanca, Spain, and more on this sun-kissed sojourn. No single supplement!

From $4,190 per person plus airfare - a savings of $250 if booked by 4/15/22!

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Oct 02, 2023 — Oct 15, 2023

Vietnam & Cambodia

Explore the wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Mekong River. Begin with two nights in Ho Chi Minh City. Then embark on a seven-night Mekong River cruise and cruise from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap. Along the way, enjoy an enriching series of presentations and discussions by lecturers and experts.

From $7,995 per person plus airfare

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Oct 04, 2023 — Oct 19, 2023

Grand Danube Passage

With Mimi Gregory

Experience Europe from a new vantage point on this unforgettable Grand Danube Passage! Visit eight countries, including stays in Prague, Czech Republic, and Sofia, Bulgaria, and an eight-night Danube cruise. Gain insight into each destination’s history, regional cuisine, soul-stirring landmarks and architecture, and personalize your cruise with a selection of included excursions! Enjoy first-class ship accommodations, deluxe hotels and a generous meal plan. No single supplement!

$5,895 per person plus port taxes and airfare - a savings of $250 if you book by 4/15/2023!

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Oct 11, 2023 — Oct 16, 2023

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Travel with us to the Land of Enchantment to enjoy New Mexico’s beautiful landscapes, history and architecture. A highlight will be the world-famous Albuquerque Balloon Festival.  Enjoy 3 nights in Santa Fe and learn more about New Mexico’s Native American history and culture with visits to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and the Taos Pueblo.

$3,425 per person including air out of Philadelphia

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Oct 14, 2023 — Oct 28, 2023

Pearls of Dalmatia

With Dr. Carla Thorson

Absorb Croatia’s remarkable history and unspoiled Dalmatian coastline on this captivating 15-day journey. As your small group travels from Zagreb to beloved Dubrovnik, see why this cherished region lays a claim on the hearts of all who visit. Discover the Balkan gem of Montenegro with an optional 4-day/3-night post-tour extension.

$5,884 per person including airfare from New York (other gateways available)

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Oct 27, 2023 — Nov 03, 2023

Cuba and its People featuring the African Diaspora

Join a 7-night Cuban adventure and discover the profound influence of the African diaspora on Cuban culture. Meet entrepreneurs, artists and dancers and learn about their lives during meaningful encounters. Explore Old Havana, Matanzas, an organic farm and more! Come away with a broader perspective of Cuba’s culture and citizens while benefiting and supporting the Cuban people!

$5,295 per person plus airfare if you book by 6/1/2023 - a savings of $250!

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Oct 29, 2023 — Nov 21, 2023

Around the World by Private Jet

Our flagship journey offers a life list of iconic destinations in a single itinerary. Fly by private jet to explore nine of the world’s most legendary places and natural wonders.

$125,950 per person plus airfare

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