Jun 10, 2021 — Jun 14, 2021

Yosemite National Park

About this Trip

Yosemite is a land where history was made—our nation's first land dedicated to recreation and enjoyment. Now a beloved natural treasure, the early days of these protected lands reveal a powerful story of its first guardians, the Buffalo Soldiers. In the late 19th century, African-American troops patrolled the wilderness of Yosemite and Sequoia national parks, becoming the first  “park rangers” — before the term even existed. On this exclusive National Park tour, you will explore the region like these first frontiersmen, surveying the beauty of terrain from Wawona Tunnel to Half Dome. Traverse the Giant Sequoia Forest, horseback ride along western wagon trails, and marvel at the granite monolith El Captain. Throughout the journey, delve into the history and legacy of the Buffalo soldiers, stewards of this incredible landscape that created the foundation for the national parks department, conservation, habitat restoration, and ultimately served the public good of all Americans, regardless of color or ethnicity.

$2,849 per person plus airfare

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