Apr 01, 2023 — Apr 16, 2023

West Africa Odyssey

With Ambassador Robert E. Gribbin

About the Tour

From Luanda to Accra, this voyage aboard the Vega to the mid-Atlantic region of Africa is an extraordinary opportunity to explore a part of the world largely untouched by tourism. Although it is a region less visited than areas to its north and south, it is no less fascinating than they—encompassing an astonishingly rich variety of wildlife and history both proud and tragic. As we explore the flora and fauna that abounds in mangrove, savanna, and rainforest alike, we will also confront some of the troubles that European traders and explorers brought to these shores. Throughout the voyage, Ambassador Robert E. Gribbin will draw on his extensive experience of Africa as he traces the history of this region from early European contacts, through the slave trade, colonialism, and the struggle for independence, to the Cold War. He will also offer thoughts on what he calls the "curse of oil," and on current politics, disease, and terrorism.

From $12,490 per person plus air

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