Sep 11, 2022 — Sep 22, 2022

The South Caucasus: Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia

With Norm Olsen

About this Trip

From the mists of the past to the 21st-century geopolitical spotlight, the Southern Caucasus countries of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia have always figured prominently.  In Azerbaijan, medieval buildings cozy up to dazzling high rises and avant-garde architecture. Rugged mountains, sprawling vineyards, and sumptuous spreads welcome visitors to Georgia, the birthplace of wine.  And in the shadow of biblical Mt. Ararat, thousands of carved stone crosses, or khachkars, dot the landscape, a reminder of the strong faith that has shaped Armenia. The historical importance of these countries is matched only by their strategic importance today. The oil-rich Caspian Sea, Georgia’s dispute with Russia and the mutual distrust between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey are some hot-button issues that have complex and ancient roots. Local speakers throughout will shed a modern light on untangling these historical roots. Explore these beautiful countries, sheltered and challenged by the steep terrain of the Caucasus Mountains, and by their own interconnectedness.


$6,995 per person plus airfare

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Your Council Leader

Norm Olsen is a former Senior United States Foreign Service Officer. He served for 26 years. His professional skills and experience include negotiations, contact work, team-building and management, economic development, USAID project monitoring, peacekeeping, and award-winning political, economic and security analysis, in both benign and hostile environments. He has served in Europe, Jamaica, the Marshall Islands, and the Middle East, where he served for nine years in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.