Sep 01, 2022 — Sep 11, 2022

The Origins of the American Democratic Ideal: A Voyage to Greece and Turkey

About this Trip

On this journey, we will go back to the sources, the places that contributed so much to modern Western culture. Begin your exploration in Athens, touring ancient monuments attesting to its glorious history. Embark on a cruise to the fabled islands and shores of the Aegean Sea aboard the private yacht-like Callisto, which accommodates only 34 guests. In Santorini, explore the remarkable remains of a prosperous and well-organized prehistoric city; in Crete, in addition to visiting the magnificent Bronze Age palace of Knossos, venture to Gortyn to see the laws of the city, dating to 500 BC, carved on stone slabs.  Next, call at the small, sacred island of Delos, seat of the Delian League, which marked Athens’s transition to imperial power.  Travel to Ephesus, one of the world’s most glorious archaeological sites, followed by the beautiful and unspoiled island of Chios, home of the Adamantios Korais Library, named for the leading Greek scholar of the 18th century, who corresponded extensively with Thomas Jefferson.  Before disembarking in Istanbul, explore the ruins of Troy.  Accompanying you on this journey is Thomas E. Ricks, author of several books and the recipient of two Pulitzer Prizes.  Mr. Ricks’s latest book, published in 2020, is First Principles: What America’s Founder Fathers Learned from the Greeks and Romans and How That Shaped Our Country.


From $7,890 per person plus airfare

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