Oct 22, 2021 — Nov 02, 2021

The Historic Rhine

With Dr. Joyce Davis

About this trip

Cruise along the Rhine and Moselle rivers aboard the privately chartered 45-stateroom Royal Crown riverboat from Basel to Amsterdam, exploring the region’s ancient Roman heritage and 20th-century military history.  Visit classic highlights such as Strasbourg, Mainz, and the fairytale castles of the romantic Rhine; a variety of well-preserved ancient Roman cities; and important sites from World War II, including General Patton’s famous Third Army crossing in Oppenheim and Operation Market Garden at Arnhem.  On many days, participants are invited to choose the excursion activity that best suits their interests. Some excursions explore ancient Rome’s impact on the region, featuring Augusta Raurica, an ancient Roman archaeological site and open-air museum; the Roman ruins at Trier, and Kalkreise, where the Germanic/Roman Battle of the Teutoburg Forest occurred in A.D. 9. Other excursions delve into World War II history along the Rhine and Moselle, from Arnhem’s Airborne Museum and Nijmegen’s Overloon Museum to the De Oversteek Bridge where American soldiers fought for the liberation of the Netherlands.  Throughout the cruise, enjoy exclusive educational lectures by expert speakers that deliver meaningful insights about the people and the culture you will encounter. You’ll also enjoy the camaraderie of traveling with a group and feel the thrill of making your own discoveries! An optional 2-night pre-cruise package including stunning Lake Lucerne and an optional three-night post-cruise extension in the Netherlands are also available.

From $5,990 per person plus airfare

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Your Council Leader

Joyce M. Davis is the President and CEO of WAC of Harrisburg. She is Opinion Editor for PennLive and has a distinguished career working for some of the most respected media organizations in the United States. Based in Prague, Davis served several years as Associate Director of Broadcasting for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty supervising broadcast services to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the countries of Central Asia. She is widely traveled in the region and was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Kyrgyz International University in 2007. Davis is also the recipient of three other honorary doctorate degrees from universities in the United States. A native of New Orleans, she has lived and worked around the globe, including in Athens and Paris, and has specialized in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. Her experience includes several years as Middle East editor and special correspondent for National Public Radio, where she also served a Deputy Foreign Editor and Senior Foreign Editor. She was awarded two Columbia Du-Pont silver batons for her work covering the globe. She is author of two books on the Middle East, as well as numerous articles and broadcasts. During her time in Washington, Davis served as Journalist in Residence at the Johns Hopkins School of International Affairs. Davis currently hosts the award-winning weekly political podcast Battleground PA for PennLive, the major news organization in the capital of Pennsylvania. She writes regular commentaries and editorials for the online and print news organization.