May 17, 2023 — May 30, 2023

Springtime Voyage to Classic Japan

With Admiral James Stavridis

About the Tour

Japan is a land of contrasts. Throughout this voyage to the Inland Sea and Japan's southern islands, we will experience these contradictory aspects of Japan as they are reflected in the art, architecture, and culture of its towns, cities, and gardens. The traditional aspect is seen in the architecture and adornments of the Buddhist and Shinto shrines we visit in Miyajimi and Nagasaki, in the castles of Himeji, Hagi, Matsue, and Uwajima, and in the open-air museum of Shikoku Mura. This ancient aesthetic literally comes alive in the exquisitely designed and maintained gardens of Koraku-en and Sengan-en. The modernist impulse is evident not only in the great cities we visit, but also in the works of avant-garde artists on display in the Adachi Museum in Sakaiminato, in Isamu Noguchi's studio in Takamatsu, and in the vibrant art scene on the island of Naoshima.  Accompanying us as guest lecturer will be Admiral James Stavridis.

From $11,990 per person plus airfare.

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