Apr 01, 2019 — Apr 12, 2019

South Korea & Japan

About this Trip

From the bustling bright lights of Seoul to the serenity of Miyajima’s floating torii gate, this 12-day trip is the perfect blend of the modern and ancient. Learn about the somber history of North and South Korea with a U.S. Embassy briefing and Seoul and an excursion to the Demilitarized Zone. Travel to Gyeongu and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Seoguram Grotto and Bulgusak Temple.  Take a day trip to Yangdong Folk Village before traveling to Busan.  Then, fly to Osaka and take the bullet train to Hiroshima.  In Kyoto, take a stroll through the historic district, and see the remnants of Japanese imperial life.  Conclude in Tokyo for tour highlights and a U.S. Embassy briefing.  Explore both South Korea and Japan in one trip that’s designed to give you all the highlights and off-the-beaten-path must-dos, with enough free time to truly get to know this fascinating part of the world. 

$5,895 per person plus airfare.

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“It is difficult to choose a highlight- all the palaces and shrines were quite interesting and some could be characterized as magnificent. The fortresses and Imperial palace area in Tokyo was quite interesting, and the trip to Kyoto and especially Nara was amazing.”

Martin Taller, CA