Nov 18, 2021 — Dec 11, 2021

Solar Eclipse: Destination Antarctica

About this Trip

An expedition to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands is an exhilarating adventure of a lifetime. See massive icebergs in Antarctica, the wildlife spectacle of South Georgia’s colonies of hundreds of thousands of king penguins, and the vast albatross breeding grounds of the Falklands. Add to that the chance of seeing a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon—a total solar eclipse. Your polar expedition ship, the National Geographic Explorer, will be aimed to be positioned in the path of totality during the next total solar eclipse on December 4, 2021. The ships’ crews will utilize their state-of-the-art technology aboard to find the best possible viewing area and a naturalist team and guest speakers will provide insight and background on eclipses and other astronomical features one might encounter in the Southern Ocean and Southern Hemisphere.  Before your expedition, you’ll receive information about special photography equipment needed to create an image of the eclipse, like solar filters.

From $25,890 per person plus airfare

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