Sep 15, 2021 — Sep 21, 2021

Plymouth, MA

About this Trip

Everyone has heard the broad story of the first Thanksgiving, but most do not know the multiple narratives and less celebrated facts of this complicated part of American history. The English settlers had a difficult initial year when they colonized the New World, and when harvest finally came, they celebrated with their Native friends eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. As familiar and simple as this story sounds, it is not particularly accurate and the true tale is much more interesting. Come together on this five-day journey in New England to explore the origins of this American myth and holiday. Learn about life in the 17th Century from the perspective of the Wampanoag people as well as the English Colonists. After this program, you won’t look at a buckled hat or ear of corn quite the same way again. Dive into the world beyond Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower to see the individuals whose daily choices would become the foundation of our history and build the nuanced nation we live in today.

$2,849 per person plus airfare

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