May 20, 2022 — May 29, 2022

Legacies of Race

About this trip

Journey south into the heart of the civil rights movement to gain a deeper understanding of the historic and continued struggle for racial equality in the United States. Begin in New Orleans, a vibrant city and important cross-generational center of activism. Explore the history and art of the African diaspora. Meet with local leaders in New Zion Baptist Church.  Continue this historic journey with a private visit to the Whitney Plantation and then onwards to the Mississippi Freedom Trail and onto Birmingham, Alabama. Walk across the Selma Bridge with an activist who took part in the peaceful protest that devolved into unforgivable violence known as “Bloody Sunday.” Pay homage at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church as you learn the story of the victims of the 1963 KKK bombing. Follow in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., visiting his home in Montgomery, Alabama, and the place in which he made his personal commitment to non-violence. Study and discuss how these historic sites ignited a movement that would define this pivotal moment in American history.

$4,249 per person plus airfare

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