Mar 20, 2020 — Mar 29, 2020

Lebanon Seminar Tour

About the Tour

Lebanon has been a melting pot of many civilizations, beginning with the Phoenicians, to later conquerors, occupiers and more; Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Arabs and more. The diversity of Lebanon is embodied in the country’s Constitution which provides representation for its eighteen confessional groups, ranging from Christians, Muslims, Druze and other confessional groups. Today Lebanon is playing host to more than two million Syrian refugees, swelling the country’s own population of some six million people. On this Seminar tour, meet with members from many of the country’s confessional groups and organizations involved with inter-faith dialogue, as well as explore this country which remains off-the-beaten tourist path to Americans. 

$5,800 per person plus airfare. 

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“Jerry and Craig are talented people with valuable perspectives.”

Bill Gillanders, WA