Oct 19, 2019 — Oct 25, 2019

Insider’s Iceland

About the Tour

Born of fire and ice, Iceland is unlike any place you’ve ever seen. Explore its rugged landscape, rich cultural history, and dynamic earth forces, where both climate change and successes in renewable energy are evident throughout the country. Our unique sojourn takes place during the period of the Northern Lights, with talks by local historians and other experts to get an inside look at a small country having a large impact on how the rest of the world will see its future. The island’s Viking heritage and Icelandic language make Iceland an incredible classroom to study folkloric sagas, considered to be some of the world’s greatest literature. Discover the trendy capital, Reykjavík, visit museums, sample Icelandic cuisine, and learn about the Reagan-Gorbachev summit at the legendary Höfði house. On excursions outside the city, gaze upon blue-white glaciers, undulating lava fields, spectacular waterfalls, and fishing villages whose charming people will inspire you with their creativity.

$4,865 per person plus airfare.

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