May 06, 2019 — May 11, 2019

Inside Washington, D.C.

About this Trip

Our hallmark program! 5-night schedule of inside the beltway small-group briefings and cultural highlights.  During the week, we will examine the Administration's foreign policy on the grounds of war, diplomacy, trade and development; and look at the challenges we face domestically including the opioid crisis, climate change, and national security matters. Max Boot, historian, best-selling author, and foreign-policy analyst; is invited as our keynote speaker and you will receive a copy of his recent book. We expect to return to the Woodrow Wilson Center for a panel discussion on Latin America. We hope to go behind-the-scenes at a Congressional Hearing and return for a highly acclaimed visit to the Pentagon. We also visit embassies to gain a global perspective on the issues of the day and have tentatively confirmed the Polish Ambassador to the U.S. At the Hudson Institute we will meet analysts that promote global security and prosperity. We will close our program at the prestigious Cosmos Club with award-winning journalist Robin Wright. This insider look at the nation's capital is not to be missed!

$2,950 per person.

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  • “Every year we wonder how this year can be better than the last. Each year we find out it can.”

    Bill Korstad, FL

  • “This trip was perfect! I enjoyed many things about the program including the program director, all of the scheduled visits, and the knowledgeable fellow travelers.”

    Marti Rhea, OR

  • “I found the whole trip informative and fascinating – to the point that I wrote a 13 page journal about the experience. This is an excellent eye opener for the non-political person.”

    Ellen Anderson, PA