Mar 11, 2021 — Mar 24, 2021

Egypt: Past, Present and Future

About this Trip

Follow the course of the Nile River into the very heart of ancient civilizations on a 14-day exploration of Egypt’s rich heritage, including privately chartered on-tour flights between Cairo and southern Egypt and seven nights aboard the elegant Nile Adventurer, fully refurbished in 2019 for outstanding comfort throughout the vessel. Among the many highlights of this itinerary are the Great Pyramids and special private access to the paws of the Sphinx of Giza; the Valley of the Kings; the spectacular funerary boat of Cheops; the fabulous Temple of Karnak complex; the double temple dedicated to the gods Sobek and Horus at Kom Ombo; and the colossal statues of Ramesses II and his favorite queen at Abu Simbel. 

Along with Study Leader John Meffert, learn about the unparalleled architectural and engineering skills of master pyramid builders and enjoy unique behind-the-scenes access to archaeological sites. In Cairo, enjoy a dinner at a private Cairo residence and learn about contemporary issues that are most pressing for Egyptians from a U.S. Embassy representative. With just 31 cabins, space is sure to go quickly on this unforgettable exploration of the treasures of Egypt.

From $9,990 per person plus airfare

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