Nov 04, 2018 — Nov 12, 2018

Cuba: Art, Culture & People

With Don Samford

About this Trip

Cuba is a trove of storied heritage, revolutionary history and vibrant culture. This eight-night People-to-People educational exchange, licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department, abounds with authentic, enriching experiences. Immerse yourself in this fascinating nation during presentations by local experts coupled with visits to historic sites, museums, schools and community projects. Discover Havana’s highlights and antiquated charms. Visit Hemingway’s home, cruise Habana Vieja in a vintage convertible and meet local artists and dancers. Admire artistic talent at the National Museum of Fine Arts, and encounter Cuba’s most famous export during a cigar factory tour. Spend time exploring the 13th Annual Art Biennial installations.  See a slower side of Cuba as you journey through the Pinar del Río region; enjoy the history and hospitality of Trinidad; and watch a musical performance in Cienfuegos. Along the way, revel in Cuba’s captivating blend of music, cuisine and art. Don Samford, Past President of the Peoria Area World Affairs Council and National Board Member, will lecture on the tour.  This will be Don’s fourth visit to Cuba.  Previous visits included meetings with Cuban government agencies and officials and discussion with U.S. Embassy officials at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Havana.

$5,195 per person plus airfare.

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  • “This tour was wonderful! Our Cuban guide was one of the best! She knew a lot of history as well as current issues.”

    Dianna Jabis, NY

  • “When traveling abroad, we like to get the real ‘feel’ of the country through sight, sounds & smells. This trip accomplished all spades! History, architecture, political atmosphere, social situations and seeing the standard of living up close and personal. The music and spirit of the people can only truly be appreciated by being in the country. Many thanks for a wonderful experience!”

    Suzanne Simpson, CT