May 17, 2019 — Jun 02, 2019

Balkans by private jet


About this Trip

This 17-day private jet expedition features must-see destinations from the road less traveled. Modern Westerners have only recently had the opportunity to visit these countries, and we are thrilled that they have been combined into one fascinating journey: Ancient Empires of the Balkans. From the cosmopolitan capitals of Pristina, Belgrade and Sarajevo to the artisan traditions of Ljubljana, delve into the region’s rich cultural diversity. You will soak in the serenity of Lake Bled and discover the medieval monuments of Albania, once one of the most secluded nations in the world.  Our insider’s look at these intriguing places will illuminate their pasts—from ancient civilizations to modern states. You will discover how religion, culture and notions of empire contributed to the identity of these countries today. We hope you will join us on this unrivaled exploration of complex history amid truly stunning landscapes, whose fascinating histories and traditions will captivate even the most curious explorers.

$68,950 per person.

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  • "There is so much to know and see that is worthwhile and we got it! Not only that but it was extremely well-delivered."

    David Young, GA

  • "The entire trip was a series of highlights!"

    Kent Obee, CO