Apr 13, 2023 — Apr 25, 2023

Ancient Cities of North Africa: A Voyage from Sicily to Lisbon

With Ambassador Richard Erdman

About the Tour

The route of this voyage about the Diana from Palermo to Lisbon takes us through territory rich in the history of several civilizations. Outposts of the Roman Empire along the North African coast share the land with Moorish castles and mosques of the 7th and 8th centuries, and although they were later subsumed by European conquests, both of these cultures remain a vibrant, living legacy throughout Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and southern Spain. This same region also saw the rise of nationalism and radical Islam in the late 20th century and was the birthplace of the "Arab Spring" in the 2010s. Joining us as guest lecturer will be Ambassador Richard Erdman, whose more than 45-year career in the United States Department of State was focused on the lands surrounding the Mediterranean, including service as Ambassador to Algeria from 2003-2006. He will share with us his deep understanding of both the history and current affairs of this part of the world.

We will also have a departure on August 15 – 27 with Jim Falk.

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