The Importance of Global Affairs Education: Investing in Tomorrow's World Leaders

Join the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia for an event series and campaign highlighting the importance of global affairs education and its impact on the Philadelphia community.

Philadelphia's students need you

Over the past 18 months, the juxtaposition of one of the worst truly global crises of current times with the extreme isolation that resulted from the pandemic has made the need for international connection, collaboration and cooperation even more starkly apparent.

Preparing Philadelphia's youth, the next generation of political, cultural, and economic leaders, for the globally-connected careers and communities of the future is imperative.  Each year, the Council works toward this mission by serving more than:

Since its inception in 1949, the Council has opened the minds and horizons of more than one million students....and we need your help in this time to serve the next million.  Every dollar you give to the Council makes a lasting impact - please consider supporting the creation of global affairs experiences for Philadelphia's students.


The impact you can make

$15 - equivalent to the cost of one student's participation in the High School Debate Series

$45 - equivalent to the cost of one high school student scholarship for Model U.S. Senate or Global Economic Forum

$275 - equivalent to the cost of membership for an underserved high school, giving students access to Council speaker programs, iThrive simulations teaching students how world leaders make decisions in an everchanging environment, and more!

Special Campaign Event Series

Join the World Affairs Council for a special event series that will give Council members and supporters a taste of what students experience when engaging with the Council.  Explore topics that will feature in our student-facing programs this fall, test your international affairs knowledge at a fun quizzo night, and even participate in an iThrive Simulation Event - playing the video game-like simulation of real-world decision making that Council makes available to our students to make online learning fun, interactive, and truly impactful.

Bodine is turning 40!

This year the Council celebrates the 40th anniversary of one of it's most important partnerships - that with William W. Bodine High School for International Affairs

Expand your impact

Support our students year-round by becoming a member of the Council.