Tips for Preparing

2020 Model Senate Foreign Relations Committee

The first step in preparing for Model Senate is researching the four roles that students can assume for the program - more information on each role can be found at the link on this page titled "Student Roles and Responsibilities". 

Research each of the four roles, and think about which roles best fits you. When your school has determined all of its desired roles, please register for the program at the Model Senate homepage. 

After you receive your role and committee assignment, the next phase of preparation is researching the biography, history, and relevance of your assigned individual and subcommittee. Knowing how your assigned character has voted, written or argued in the past is crucial to accurately portray their view. In addition, you should research the topic assigned to your subcommittee, as a comprehensive understanding of the topic is necessary for a successful program. 

Submitting Work to Council Staff

In order to ensure accountability, students must submit their preparatory work to their teacher (Council faculty adviser) before sending it to Council staff. The best way to share any Model Senate work with Council staff will be by uploading relevant documents to your school’s assigned Model Senate Google Drive folder.  For senators and senators’ aides, preparatory work includes the Investigating the Topic worksheet, Witness Questions worksheet, and draft resolutions.  For witnesses, preparatory work includes a draft of their testimonies and practicing their public speaking skills.  Journalists should prepare relevant interview questions ahead of time and do research on their subcommittee topic.  Please review all preparatory work for accuracy and thoroughness before your students submit to Council staff.  All of these worksheets can be found in our online Resource Guide.