Student Roles and Responsibilities

Students participating in the 2021 Model Senate on Science and Technology will be assigned one of four roles: 
Committee Co Chair, Senator, Expert Witness, or Journalist.

Each role has specific requirements and responsibilities for the program, and students should have a full understanding of their desired role prior to registration. Teachers should review their student assignments document with students in addition to the requirements below, so they are fully aware of their research and participation obligations.

Please note the following limits on the number of students allowed to register per role for each participating school:

  • At least one Committee Co-Chair (student leader) registered per school;​​​​​​
  • A maximum of 10 Senators registered per school;
  • A maximum of 10 Expert Witnesses registered per school;
  • One Journalist registered per school. 

Schools interested in registering students outside of those requirements, are encouraged to email Eric Bumbaca, Director of Student Programs, at for more information