Student Roles and Responsibilities

Students enrolling in the Model Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be assigned one of four roles, a Senator, a Senator's Aide, a Witness or a Journalist. Each role has specific requirements and responsibilities for the program, and students should have a full understanding of their desired role prior to registration. Teachers should review their student assignments document with students in addition to the requirements below, so they are fully aware of their research obligations.

On the day of the Model Senate program, we expect every student to bring two pre-prepared documents into your assigned subcommittee: (1) a pre-prepared 1-2 minute opening statement (roughly one page, double-spaced) that addresses your characters background and relation to the topic and (2), bearing in mind your character's background and history, two very brief recommendations on strategies you would like your committee to incorporate into its resolution.

Model Senate Resource Guide

Our detailed list of resources to help students prepare for their roles at our Model Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing.