Our Members

The Council gratefully acknowledges its most supportive members. These individuals’ annual contributions not only advance the Council’s mission of providing a forum to engage citizens of all ages, but—most importantly—directly support the Council’s student education programs, which serve a diverse group of over 2,600 middle and high school students from public, parochial and charter schools across the Greater Philadelphia region each year. Our student education programs build the critical skills necessary for success in the twenty-first-century global economy, educate youth about U.S. policy and global leadership, and instill the values of responsible citizenship. This increasingly important work would not be possible without the generosity of our members. Thank you!

Global Benefactor ( $15,000 +)

William M. & Susan Doran
Stanley D. & Arlene Ginsburg
Frank & Cheryl Hermance
William F. & Leslie MacDonald
Edward M. & Cyma Satell
John L. & Patricia Walsh
Alfred P.  West

Superpower ($10,000)

Paul E. & Alice Kelly 
Arlin Green & Paula Yudenfriend Green 
Jaime Pludo

Premier ($5,000)

Anthony J. & Linda Conti
David & Jacqui Griffith
Vincent & Donna Hartnett
Mitchell & Beth Sargen 

Statesman ($2,500)

David & Julie Eisenhower Nixon 
Matthew J. & Lori Espe
Michael & Lisa Farrell 
Timothy E. & Susan Gillespie 
Lisa Hale
Lawrence & Margaret Husick
Alan C. Kessler 
Peggy Leimkuhler
Margaret Lonzetta
Brian A. & Soozung S. Rankin
Paul Shattuck 
Christopher Wittmann
Richard E. & Diane Dalto Woosnam 

Cabinet ($1,000)

Jeffrey Adeli 
Marc & Bernadette Armstrong 
James H. Averill 
Ian & Caryn Harris 
Melanie Katzmann
Ralph Kendricks
Joan Lapayowker
Anthony LaRosa
Brian G. McElwee & Donna Staley -McElwee
Bonnie McErlane 
John J. Medveckis
Leonard Olsen
John Scheffey
Lee & Nancy Tabas 
A. Morris Williams 
Lee J. Woolley

Ambassador ($500)

Todd Barrish & Amber Chow
Constance Benoliel-Rock 
David Byrne 
John DeWald 
Mark & Tobey Dichter
David Dunn
C. R.  Flynt & Yolanda Yellin 
Chris Fralic
James E. Marks 
Ram Mohan 
Michael Pidhirskyj & Lydia Holiat
Frank Rivello
Ronald P. Sandmeyer, Sr.  
Elizabeth Scofield 
Salvatore Vilardi 
Jack & Kathy Warnock