Episode S3 | E3

Overmedicated, Overdosed America: The Opioid Epidemic

Air Date: May 20, 2018

About this episode

With opioid overdose deaths now surpassing deaths from car accidents in the United States, it’s absolutely clear that this is a public health problem of great urgency. But what has caused the surge addiction and its consequences and what can be done about it? Our panel explores issues including the social, economic, and cultural context of the rapid increase in opioid abuse and related deaths, the medical aspects of substance abuse treatment and recovery, and public policy recommendations for a national response to these issues.

About the guests

Dr. David Herzberg

Associate Professor of History, University at Buffalo

David Herzeberg is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Buffalo. He studies the history of prescription drug abuse in America and is an expert on the history of narcotics such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana, and the history of legal psychoactives such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea. Herzberg is author of “Happy Pills in...

Dr. Michael Pantalon

Psychologist and Senior Research Scientist, Yale School of Medicine

Mike has been on the faculty at Yale School of Medicine since 1997. He is a Senior Research Scientist in Department of Emergency Medicine, Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Lecturer at Yale University’s Psychology Department. He is also a contributor to the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School and faculty...

Dr. Bertha Madras

Member of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis & Professor of psychobiology, Harvard Medical School

Bertha K. Madras, PhD is a professor of Psychobiology at Harvard Medical School, based at McLean Hospital and cross-appointed at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Her research focuses on neurobiology, imaging, and medications development (19 US and 27 international patents) for neuropsychiatric disorders. In public policy, she was Deputy Director...

Regina Marchetti

Certified Recovery Specialist, Crozer-Keystone Health System

Regina, a recovering addict, was prescribed percocet by a doctor when she was 19 and developed an addiction. She did inpatient treatment for her addiction, only to come out of it shooting heroin when she was 23. In 2016, she was hired as Crozer's first Certified Recovery Specialist at the First Steps Treatment Center — a comprehensive, 52-bed...