Episode S1 | E1

Modern Media: More Information, Less Common Ground and Common Sense?

Air Date: Jul 10, 2016

About this episode

In this first episode of The Whole Truth, host David Eisenhower leads a spirited discussion about the contemporary state of political media in the United States and the impacts, for better and for worse, of the rapidly-changing media landscape on American democracy. The civil and thoughtful exchange among the ideologically diverse panelists demonstrates how The Whole Truth intends to be a countervailing force in the media landscape being discussed.

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WATCH | "Changing Media Landscape”  John Avlon on CSPAN
​​"Polarized, Partisan, Petty America"  by Al Hunt, Bloomberg
WATCH | Hardball with Chris Matthews   (March 25, 2015)

About the guests

John Avlon

Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Beast & CNN Political Analyst

John Avlon is an author, columnist and commentator. He is a senior political analyst and fill-in anchor at CNN, appearing on New Day every morning. From 2013 to 2018, he was the editor-in-chief and managing director of The Daily Beast, during which time the site’s traffic more than doubled to over one million readers a day while winning 17...

Al Hunt

Bloomberg Opinion columnist, Bloomberg News

Hunt joined Bloomberg News in January, 2005. Al became a regular feature reporter for the long-running talk show Charlie Rose (1991) with the segment "Al Hunt on the Story" in October, 2014. In addition, Hunt not only is a member of the Wake Forest board of trustees, the board of the Children's Charities in Washington, and the advisory board of the...

Chris Matthews

Host of "Hardball with Chris Matthews," MSNBC

Chris Matthews, a Philadelphia native, is an American journalist and political commentator best known as the host of Hardball with Chris Matthews, a nightly talk show on the television news network MSNBC.