Episode S5 | E4

America's Role in the World

Air Date: Aug 02, 2020

About this episode

The United States of America is the most powerful nation on earth. It is arguably the most powerful nation in history. So, to what purposes should that power be put? What is and should be the right and best role for this country in world affairs?

About the guests

William Kristol

Director, Defending Democracy Together; editor-at-large, The Bulwark

Bill Kristol has been a leading participant in American political debates and a widely respected analyst of American political developments for three decades. Having served in senior positions in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush Administrations, Kristol understands government from the inside; as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania...

Michèle Flournoy

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, WestExec Advisors; Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Michèle Flournoy is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WestExec Advisors, and former Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), where she currently serves on the board. Michèle served as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from February 2009 to February 2012. She was the principal advisor to the...

Dr. Barry Posen

Ford International Professor of Political Science, MIT

Barry R. Posen is Ford International Professor of Political Science at MIT, Director Emeritus of the MIT Security Studies Program, and serves on the Executive Committee of Seminar XXI (http://semxxi.mit.edu/). He is the author of, Restraint: A New Foundation for U.S. Grand Strategy, (Cornell University Press 2014), Inadvertent Escalation:...