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About the Event

It seems that one of the hottest topics leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election is the United States’  higher education system—particularly what we should do about ballooning costs for students and families and how we should tackle the $1.5 trillion crisis that is student debt (the second-highest consumer debt category, beaten only by mortgage debt).

But the answer to the question on how, specifically, to address these issues remains elusive.

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and Penn State Abington are partnering to bring together a panel of experts who will focus on the many proposals that have been “floated” by campaigning politicians and organizations seeking to alleviate these problems and whether or not those ideas are realistic—and if not, how our country can solve them.

About the Panelists

  • Diane Harris, Editor-at-Large, Newsweek

  • Marcella Bombardieri, Associate Director, Postsecondary Education, Center for American Progress

  • Jon Turk, Associate Director for Research, American Council on Education’s Division of Learning and Engagement

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