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About the Event

George Floyd’s murder led to massive Black Lives Matter protests in the United States and inspired a global reckoning over racial justice. People took to the streets in Germany, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, France, Mexico, the UK, and elsewhere around the world to protest police tactics, disproportionate incarceration rates of Black and Indigenous people, and other forms of systemic racism.

Now, over a year after these global protests raised awareness of these issues among white people, questions remain about how policy and structural change can occur, and whether it’s even possible.

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia hosted a discussion with international academics, activists, and leaders about the impact that the Movement for Black Lives has had around the world.

About the Moderator

  • Christie Ileto, Emmy Award-winning journalist and team member of 6ABC Action News

About the Panelists

  • Antonio José Bacelar da Silva, Assistant Professor of Brazil Studies at the Center for Latin American Studies, University of Arizona

  • F. Angelo Camufingo, a German-Angolan anti-racism and education speaker, consultant, social justice activist, and STUBBORN - Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

  • June Francis, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Business and Society, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Director of the Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement, Simon Fraser University