Photos and Video from the event

About the event

Stephen K. Bannon is one of the most controversial and consequential polemicists of our time.

Responsible in part for transformative changes in online media, at Breitbart News, and in the Trump presidential campaign, Bannon served as Chief Strategist to the President early in the current Administration.

Bannon’s views on “economic nationalism,” seen by some as race-baiting, and “populism,” seen by critics as authoritarian, have had, and are having, global reach and impact.

Consistent with its 70 years of commitment to nonpartisan discourse, the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia presented Steve Bannon, who addressed “America Fights Back: Our Economic War with China” and gave the audience, whether supporters or opponents, a unique opportunity for a personal experience of this public figure.

Mr. Bannon’s remarks were followed by a probing interview and conversation with Council President, Craig Snyder, and questions from the audience.