About the Event

The Council Conversation Club is the Council's version of a "book club." Prior to coming together for this discussion group, participants are provided some reading and listening materials from different viewpoints about the topic at hand. Then, during the program, they discuss the issues with their peers and a facilitator and have the opportunity to engage with the world around them.


Digital Literacy and Public Trust in Technology

How has the pandemic affected the way we use digital infrastructures, such as online learning, telemedicine, remote work, and e-commerce? What are the issues around digital trust (misinformation, personal privacy, 5G networks, and AI bias)? How are governments utilizing cyber privateering, and is this a good thing? How do we defend against the mounting cyber threats emanating from places like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea? Is cybersecurity the responsibility of everyone, or the responsibility of private institutions and governments? What can we learn from Estonia, the world's "digital democracy?" Should the internet be considered a public utility and is it a necessary component of life in the world today?

Recommended Reading/Listening