About the Event

Ensuring that every nation can feed its population and provide people with nutritional foods is going to be one of the great challenges of the 21st Century, but it could also lead the global community to many opportunities. Food security helps to combat poverty, increase global stability, improve health, and spur economic growth and job creation. And as the global population grows and countries around the world continue to seek ways to feed their citizens nutritious and sustainable foods, the need for innovation and new technologies in food and agriculture will become even more necessary.

From sustainable resource mobilization to lab-grown meats to genetically modified crops that need less water and land, fewer pesticides, and are grown to be more nutritious—these challenges, and others, will determine the future of food.

Join the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and its partners for a discussion about the future of food and how innovation and technology can help us combat global hunger and fight climate change.

About the Speakers

  • Nicolas Moller, Executive Vice President of Hortifrut
  • Igor Playner, former Vice President of Innovation and Strategy and Plant-Based Proteins, Ingredion
  • Priyanka Srinivas, founder and CEO, the Live Green Company

Event Partners

About the "Beyond Our Borders" Series

This event is part of new programming for the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, the “Beyond Our Borders” series. The Council is offering programming across its activities—speaker events, student programs, and travel (with the objective of hosting a tour in March 2022, due to COVID precautions)—to provide its members and the Greater Philadelphia community a deeper understanding of Chilean culture, politics, cuisine, and its role in the world at large.

The Council is focusing on Chile for the launch of this program series because of the robust and long-standing international relationship between the country and Philadelphia.  In addition to our relationship, which supports thousands of jobs, there is a multi-year initiative to increase tech industry relationships and business development.

Series Co-Presenters

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