About the Event

The United States and the United Kingdom have longstanding political, economic, and cultural ties. Historic connections carry over to present-day aspects of society, including city planning, building, construction, engineering, design, and architecture.  

Post-Brexit, the UK has an opportunity to launch new export markets; UK architects are one example. This year, the US and the UK signed a mutual recognition of qualifications in architecture. The landmark agreement strengthens trade ties between the two nations. World-class architects are now able to export their expertise across the Atlantic, facilitating domestic and international mobility for US and UK licensed practitioners. This important bi-national decision streamlines processes and reduces costs and examinations without compromising safety standards.  

Sustainable design capability and the drive to NetZero are significantly impacting the global built environment. American and British parties involved in the construction and lifecycle management of built assets are working collaboratively to share data. And US and UK engineers, architects, designers, and urban and regional planners are at the forefront of the industry.  

This informative panel discussion featuring public and private sector experts will address the bilateral drive to lead the charge in upholding environmental standards, with an emphasis on the mutual desire to enhance public global health, safety, and welfare. Speakers will highlight British and Philadelphia area landmark building projects, and how they have shaped present-day construction throughout the centuries.  

As the 250th anniversary of American independence from the Crown approaches, Philadelphia, the cradle of liberty, will be celebrating and commemorating the occasion with legacy-built projects that address the core needs and challenges society is currently facing.  

The British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia is proud to collaborate with the Carpenters’ Company and a distinguished panel of speakers to offer an educational discussion about notable UK and Philadelphia past, present and future architectural landmarks that are not only changing skylines on both sides of the Atlantic but are responsibly creating a better world.

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