About the Event

Every year, military airstrikes in conflict zones like Iraq, Syria, and Libya result in thousands of civilian deaths and displacement. But the reporting around the conflict violence and its impact on non-combatant populations is often difficult to track and verify. There are almost always discrepancies in the reports and allegations between the military claims by the nations leading these strikes and the local press, making it challenging to get a full picture of the impact on civilians.

To help improve the understanding of civilian harm and to strive to reduce battlefield casualties, Airwars, a non-profit transparency organization, works to track, assess, and archive military actions and related civilian harm claims in conflict zones. To shed light on the impact that civilians face in these conflict zones, the Council is hosting a discussion with Deputy Director of Airwars, Dmytro Chupryna.

About the Speaker

Dmytro Chupryna is the Deputy Director at Airwars

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