Professional Development and Other Opportunities for Students and Educators

As part of the World Affairs Council's commitment to education, we partner with local organizations to provide students and educators access to a number of educational programs and professional development opportunities.

Professional Development Opportunity: The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia

Free Seven-session Seminar!

Designed to deepen your knowledge of China, Japan, Korea, and
Mongolia, this course will encourage teaching and learning
about East Asia’s political, social, and cultural history. Each
session is built around a content speaker and group discussion,
making the seminar perfect for K-12 teachers of World History,
World Cultures, Geography, Economics, Language and
Language Arts, Literature, Visual and Performing Arts.

Topics for 2019 include:

  • Early Chinese Religions, Buddhism and Buddhist art in context
  • Early Chinese History: Han, Tang, and Song Dynasties
  • Early Japan: History and Art
  • Musical Instruments of East Asia
  • Korean History
  • Early Modern East Asia: History and the Arts
  • Emergence of Modern Japan
  • Modern China: History, Society, and Art

Professional Development Opportunity

Do you have a professional development opportunity that you want adversitied here? Reach out to the council staff for information on how to include your program.