Promoting Decent Work and Economic Opportunity for Youth Topic Overview and Resources

Promoting Decent Work and Economic Opportunity for Youth

The United Nations reports that global economic growth has been slowing down long before the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic itself has led to the loss of 255 million full time jobs. Nearly three years later, the road to economic recovery still seems to be a difficult journey for many countries. The United Nations also reports that the youth of the world have felt this impact harder than any other demographic, with a notable increase in the percentage of youth that are not in employment, education, or training. This brings forth a number of challenges as young people across the world continue to struggle to find ways to translate their skills into quality employment, and the existing workforce doesn’t appear to be getting any younger.

Students assigned to this committee topic in the 2022-2023 Jr. Model United Nations - Student Diplomat Program will explore the challenges around access to decent work for the youth of the world, and how emerging industries could open up widespread economic opportunities. They will learn about the specific governmental, corporate, and educational challenges that face youth looking to join the workforce, as well as how these three entities can work together to remove barriers to entry. Ultimately, students will be tasked with creating their own vision of how countries around the world can work collaboratively to shape what the future of youth unemployment will look like.

Topic Briefing Paper

All students assigned to the Decent Work and Economic Opportunity committee topic are encouraged to begin their research by reading the Council's topic briefing paper, which includes reading comprehension "Questions to Consider" and "Quick Facts" sections, in addition to a key terms and phrases Glossary. Students may then continue their committee topic and assigned country research by exploring the Additional Recommended Resources listed below. Click here to access.

Additional Recommended Resources

Visit the United Nations website to learn more about SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth which directly relates to the Promoting Decent Work and Economic Opportunity for Youth committee topic for this year’s Jr. Model UN Program.

UN action network for SDG 8.5. Hub contains 65 partnerships each one which directs to a different webpage and explains who the partner is, what the goal of the partnership is, and how it intends to be implemented.

This United Nations video report includes relevant information surrounding SDG 8 and how global employment has been affected by the pandemic.

This infographic from the World Bank compares youth unemployment against total unemployment on a regional basis.

The World Economic Forum highlights five different ways in which governments can tackle youth unemployment. Each of these paths highlight policy specific directives that have been used globally to improve youth unemployment rates.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce article that highlights the importance of overlapping education with work and how better connectedness can result in better economic opportunity for youth.

This Maastricht School of Management article focuses on underlying issues surrounding SDG 8. It tracks what the largest underlying drivers of youth unemployment are, who or what is deserving of blame, and what youth define as good jobs.

This video explains some of the underlying causes of youth unemployment, how SDG 8  is closely related to other SDGs, and what decent work and employment is.

This video explores a potential solution to youth unemployment in Europe called the Erasmus Program. Participants of the program are guaranteed an offer of a job, apprenticeship, education, or training within four months.