Sustainable Food Systems Topic Overview and Resources

Creating Sustainable Food Systems

By 2050, the global population is likely to reach close to 10 billion people. It will take an enormous and collaborative global effort to produce enough healthy food to feed such an enormous population spread across the world. However, just growing enough food for 10 billion people is not enough. Climate change and food equity concerns are also incredibly important in discussions about our global food systems.

Students assigned to this committee topic in the 2021-2022 Jr. Model United Nations - Student Diplomat Program will explore the development of the world's current food systems, how those food systems impact critical issues like climate change and food equity, and will ultimately work to imagine the healthy food systems of the future. 

Topic Briefing Paper

All students assigned to the Sustainable Food Systems committee topic are encouraged to begin their research by reading the Council's topic briefing paper, which includes reading comprehension "Questions to Consider" and "Quick Facts" sections, in addition to a key terms and phrases Glossary. Students may then continue their committee topic and assigned country research by exploring the Additional Recommended Resources listed below. Click here to access.

Additional Recommended Resources

This resource provides an overview of the major global issues related to food and the work that the UN and its agencies are doing to address these issues.Click here to access.

Visit the United Nation's website to learn more about SDG 2 - Zero hunger, which directly correlates with the Sustainable Food Systems committee topic for this year's Jr. Model UN program. Click here to access.

This SDG 2 briefing from the UN is a great resource for students looking to gather statistics and data on the topic of food security and sustainable food systems and to address some of the most important reasons why countries around the world should work toward promoting more sustainable food systems. Click here to access.

The World Food Programme's new global hunger monitoring system tracks and predicts global hunger in almost real-time. This is a great resource for students to gain a greater understanding of global hunger as a whole and to learn more about hunger in their assigned country for the Jr. Model UN program. Click here to access.

This resource provides an overview of how the topic of Sustainable Food Systems relates to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Click here to access.

This video outlines the major problems facing our global food system and the solutions that the world can take in making changes that will create more a more sustainable, healthy global food system. The illustrations and organization of the video make it a great resource for middle school students. Click here to access.