Combating Climate Change Committee Resources

The Combating Climate Change briefing paper is now available

Combating Climate Change -Articles and Online Resources

A helpful summary of SDG #13 main goals, challenges, and potential solutions. Click to access.

Search for data on carbon emissions, clean energy consumption, and more by country. Click to Access.

A helpful resource that provides information and statistics on a country’s history, people, government, economy, geography, and more. Click to access.

Combating Climate Change - General Background Resources

Bill Nye explores the basics of climate change and includes information on global warming, human causes and potential solutions. Click to access.

A quick explainer on greenhouse gases (GHG's). Click to access.

A short video on how a moderate switch in the American diet can lead to significant climate benefits Click to access.

The Effects of Climate Change

A news story investigating Kiribati, an island nation in the Pacific ocean that is under threat from rising oceans and powerful storms. Click to access.

General introduction to greenhouses gases that then covers the effects of a changing climate specifically on human populations. The video also includes information on how a changing climate can affect human health. Click to access.

International Efforts to Combat Climate Change

An introduction to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #13 - Climate Action. Click to Access

A short video on the Paris Climate Agreement, and the intended goal of keeping global temperature increases under 2 degrees Celcius. Click to Access

A 2 page fact sheet on the IPCC and how this independent scientific community helps support governments combating climate change. Click to Access.